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About Us - Valeting Service

About Us

    • “YOUR” Dependable, Speedy, Friendly Trusted & Proven Hassle Free Mobile Service
    • Deodorise & Sanitizer (Anti-Bacterial Solution) Creating a Clean, Fresh & Safer Leisure or Working environment KILLING 99% of “Germs”
    • Save TIME & MONEY with a 100% Guarantee on all Services
    • Protect “YOUR” Investment at Home Work or Leisure Environment
    • 24/7 Service on selected Services

Valeting at a New Level

Valeting Service Ltd is an outstanding, trusted and all-around vehicle cleaning service provider. Based in England, United Kingdom, Valeting Service Ltd is a one stop valeting place for all domestic and commercial cleaning in UK, which provides a wide range of unmatched interior and exterior surface cleaning services that are highly cost effective.

At Valeting Service Ltd, we take great attention and care in the work we offer to our clients. Whatever you want cleaned, be it your offices, workplace, home or vans and cars, we use high quality products and state of the art equipment to get the work done in a professional manner. In other words, we treat them with the same care, we treat our own. We have a dedicated, highly experienced, and certified team that works 24/7 to provide safety for your money. Our employees are actually the best valeting Specialists London. We are simply the future of valeting. So, why don’t you take advantage of our free consultation?

Valeting Service Ltd strongly believes that success can’t be quantified only in terms of the quality of services provided, but also in terms of customer satisfaction. This is why providing customer satisfaction is one of our main objectives. Because of our excellent valeting services geared towards ensuring customer satisfaction, Valeting Service Ltd has grown to be a trustworthy, credible and reliable valeting company in UK.

Areas Valeting Service Ltd Covers

Valeting Service Ltd is based in England, United Kingdom and we provide valeting services in Buckinghamshire and surrounding areas.

Our Aim

One of our main aims is to provide exceptional, friendly, and cost-effective cleaning service for both industrial and commercial cleaning. We also aim to protect you from any harmful influence of poor standards of hygiene by providing extensive high-quality services, which is tailored towards what you – our customers – need. Valeting Service Ltd will solve any hazardous situations you may be facing without jeopardizing your overall health. Whatever hazardous situations you may be facing, we are here to solve all of them without putting your overall health and that of others in any danger.

Why Choose Valeting Service Ltd

We are the future of valeting in UK. We have a responsibility to ensure that your environment is extremely clean and safe for you and other people. We pride ourselves in our customer satisfaction and great reputation. At Valeting Service Ltd, we have experienced and certified veleters with required expertise to work on specialized vehicles, including horseboxes. We understand that a hygienic environment that is safe from any hazardous materials is extremely important for both your customers and your employees. We understand that such an environment is what you need for you to carry out your daily business transactions with confidence. In summary, here are some of the main reasons why we are the leading valeting service providers in the United Kingdom:

  • A team of professionals

To provide excellent services, we constantly invest in training our staffs to ensure that they are capable of using the most current equipment and products in the velting industry. Our team of professionals is able to deliver the best solution with proven results. All our technicians have gone through rigorous theory and practical training both in the classroom and in the field. Furthermore, they have also received Quality Assessments training. Therefore, they are fully certified.

  • You get value for your money

When it comes to cleaning of your home, money is definitely a big issue. Instead of cutting corners to save money, which can actually pose danger to your general health, we deliver an exceptional service so that you get the value for your money.

  • We provide environment-friendly services

Valeting Service Ltd provides services that are geared to help in eliminating, or at least, in reducing any negative impact on the environment. We strive to strive to reduce your waste in the best possible way while making sure that it is dispose of in accordance with the laws as applied to your area.

  • Friendly service

Valeting Service Ltd provides a friendly service that is tailored towards you.

  • Innovation

At Valeting Service Ltd, we use the latest techniques, technology, products and equipment to get the job done quickly, thoroughly and efficiently.

  • We are compliant

We comply fully with legislation. Our many years of experience in the cleaning industry have taught us everything that a professional valeting company needs to do to remain fully compliant. We fully understand the regulations and legislations that govern the workplace, and we meet all the requirements. This means that both our safety and your safety are guaranteed.

So, any time you are looking for reputable cleaning and the best horsebox near you or for a leading commercial vehicle wash in London; look no further than Valeting Service Ltd because we are capable to deliver you proven results. You can’t go wrong with Valeting Service Ltd. With us, you will always receive nothing short of excellent service at great price. We are the favorite of England and many clients prefer using our various services.

Our Services

As Valeting Specialists London, we offer a wide range of services to our clients throughout London and England at large. Among the services we offer include Caravan Cleaning, Truck Cleaning, Fence Cleaning, Car Cleaning, Mobile Home Cleaning Stables Cleaning, Decking Cleaning, and Graffiti Removal among others.

Decking Cleaning

Have you been asking Google or colleagues and friends where to get “decking cleaning near me”? If yes, then you should stop doing that right away because Valeting Service Ltd offers unmatched decking cleaning services, and it is not just near you but also with you. No one can resist our outdoor decking cleaning not only because we do it beyond our client’s expectations, but also because we save you a significant amount of dollars when you hire us. With us, you are definitely guaranteed of cost-effective and efficient service.

Mould and moss can be hazardous to your general health, and I bet you don’t want to leave your decking occupied by them. We have a team of professional cleaners that uses a subtle and effective cleaning agent to loosen all the mould and moss on your decking to provide you with the results you want. After loosening all the mould and moss, our professional cleaners then apply pressure-cleaning machine to give the decking a perfect deep touch so that you can feel the results right away.

After this process, your decking will look completely different and it will have the life it needs while you get good health and you still save good money.

Boat Cleaning

Valeting Service Ltd is your go-to boat cleaning company in England. With the vast experience and knowledge, our team of professionals can give you a wide range of boat cleaning services, from the exterior to the interior. We can do wonders to your boat and leave everyone wondering whether you just got yourself a new one.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Valeting Service Ltd is your number one carpet cleaning company. From dry to steam carpet cleaning services, we are your exceptional cleaning company. Our courteous cleaners use the power of Oxygen to provide a natural carpet cleaning service. We ensure that your home is absolutely free of any stains. When cleaning carpets, we utilize a low moisture system, which takes only an hour to dry. Valeting Service Ltd doesn’t just clean your carpet; we also add a professional touch to everything.

Car Cleaning

Your car is not just an item, but a valuable investment that you truly want to keep as new as possible. Well, Valeting Service Ltd is here to give your car the much-needed attention. For any vehicle and car valeting services, look no further than Valeting Service Ltd. We guarantee a stain-free interior and polished body at affordable price.

When it comes to car cleaning, we stay on top of the game partly because we invest heavily in the best equipment and partly because we have a team of esteemed valets who are readily available and have the needed skills and experience to serve you to your satisfaction by keeping both the exterior and interior of your car in its condition. There are so many reasons why you need to valet your car. First, it maintains the value of your car. Secondly, it makes your car very easy to maintain. Last but not least, it gives your car the amazing finish and a professional touch that will make everyone admire you.

Roof Cleaning

Even the most picturesque property can be turned into a displeasing dwelling if Algae, Lichen, and moss are allowed to grow on top of the roof. Apart from interfering with the image of your home, Algae, Lichen, and moss can also damage the tiles, and this means that you will spend more money on repair and renovation. Roof cleaning is a new cost-effective service offered by Valeting Service Ltd. It involves a result-oriented approach of removing moss, lichen and algae from your rooftop completely. Everybody hates the sight of a dirty rooftop. It is disgusting more than a swampy forest. There is no need to continue enduring the disgusting look of your rooftop while you have the best roof cleaning company like Valeting Service Ltd near you.

Driveway Cleaning

Are you looking for a driveway cleaning service providers in England? Valeting Service Ltd, a leading valeting service provider, is closer than you can imagine. Driveways become unsightly after months and everyday wear from harsh weather and from your vehicles carrying dust, oil, and dirt. This can be very disgusting especially if you consider your safety and general health. All you need to do to turn your disgusting driveway into rejuvenated just like in its original condition is to let a professional and an environmentally friendly service provider like Valeting Service Ltd to get the job done at affordable price. We remove lichen, stains, moss, algae growth that may have taken root on your driveway, and all the dirt embedded on the surface of your driveway.

Commercial and Domestic Cleaning

At Valeting Service Ltd, we understand that every client has a unique cleaning requirement. For this reason, we tailor our services to the unique needs of each client. Whether you want your bins to be cleaned weekly, monthly or quarterly, we do just that because we offer very flexible services. Commercial bin services must be highly specialized. Good thing is, we have the specialized equipment to get the job done and make your home or office as safe as it can be. We provide an excellent touch to both homes and offices.

As you know, local authorities in England are always seeking for the best ways to improve the quality of their waste collection. In the same way, your business, just as it is the responsibility of all of us, has a duty towards contributing to the safety and general health of the environment. After all, everyone has, including your employees and customers, a right to a clean and safe environment. To ensure a clean, safe environment at your business premises, let Valeting Service Ltd do the work for you in a professional manner.

Our professional valets deodorize, clean, and disinfect all waste containers to ensure that the highest standard of hygiene is maintained. No matter what kind of business you are doing, it’s good to hire a professional commercial and domestic cleaning service provider like Valeting Service Ltd and save money. Otherwise, you will be forced to spend a huge amount of money on penalties for not safeguarding your environment. You need a proven commercial cleaning service like Valeting Service Ltd in areas such as banks, hospitals, fast food retailers, nursing homes, schools, supermarkets, pubs, restaurants and hotels among others.

Caravan and Motorhome Cleaning

Cleaning your Caravan or Motorhome can be tasking and time-consuming, especially for people who are always busy. Depending on the nature of the materials used in building your Caravans or Motorhomes, special equipment and different chemicals are usually needed when cleaning the exterior. Furthermore, you may not even know that you should not use corrosive chemicals when doing the cleaning. Instead of trying to do what you don’t understand, why don’t you let Valeting Service Ltd, a licensed company do the work for you in a professional manner? At Valeting Service Ltd, we not only have the specialized chemicals and equipment, but we also have the expertise to transform your Caravan or Motorhome to be as new as it was when you got it at the showroom. When we are coming to your location, we carry everything that is required to offer you the most comprehensive valet required and only require access to water and electric points within 100 metres of where the vehicle will be located. Just call us now if you are looking for a Caravan and Motorhome Cleaning service provider.

Truck Fleet Cleaning

The image of your business is extremely important. You have heard it more than enough times that the first impression speaks the loudest. Even if you provide the best services or products, and you have the best staff, a dirty vehicle will ruin everything because it will create a negative first impression. Valeting Service Ltd will maintain the cleanliness of your fleet and eliminate time-consuming cleaning. This gives you humble time to focus on more important matters in your business.  We are the leading commercial vehicle wash in London, and we provide truck fleet cleaning services to bus companies, delivery companies, and companies with fleet of trucks.

Some of the Truck fleet cleaning services that Valeting Service Ltd provides includes:

  • Daily and weekly cleaning of fleet vehicles
  • Periodic full valet
  • Undercarriage cleaning for MOT and inspections
  • Signage removal from fleet vehicles


  • I’ve used the services of Valeting Service Ltd for some time and absolutely fell in love with their services. Valeting Service Ltd uses the best product to finish the job. Our clients noticed a well-done job. It’s Valeting Service Ltd every time for us!
  • My car looks amazing after the service done by Valeting Service Ltd. I was told initially the job will be completed in 3-4 hours but was surprised to see it done in half an hour without skimping the quality.
    Iwona Eric
  • I would recommend the services of Valeting Service Ltd to anyone looking for a reliable and proven valeting service. Their team of experts are courteous, efficient, and work with high level of standard
    Mr Doyle Larry

Our Customer Guarantee

Here, at Valeting Service Ltd, we have confidence in the quality of work offered. Perhaps our services didn’t meet your expectations; you can inform us within two working days. A re-cleaning will be performed at no cost.

Our support care is readily available to attend to all your request and complaints. Do not hesitate to give us a call today. We do love to hear from you.

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