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Cleaning Dreams - Valeting Service
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May 11, 2018
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May 21, 2018

Your husband found the car of his dreams, a cherry red 1975 Cutlass. Ironically enough, he used to own this exact car and regretted ever selling good old Ruby. He had a Cutlass when you met back in the early 70s. He picked you up in it on your first date. It was a pristine cherry red with white leather seats. You loved that car too. He has been searching for this car for years, and he finally found a seller. He heads to the bank to get the cash that he needs to buy the car. He is going to rebuild this classic: The perfect hobby. He wants to reupholster the seats. Give it a fresh coat of paint and drop a new engine into it. You agree that this is the perfect purchase to fulfil his dream car criteria, again. He drives that puppy home with the wind in his hair, his inner child shining through in his crystal blue eyes. He parks his new found toy in the garage.

Fast Forward

A new job and two kids later and that once exciting project still remains untouched, collecting dust in your garage. You tell your husband that he either needs to fix it up or put it out for sale. He decides to take it for a spin before making any decisions. He sticks the key in the ignition and cranks it. The car struggles to start. He tries it one more time. This time starting the engine is a success. He pulls the Cutlass out of the garage slowly, reminiscing on past memories spent in this same model.  He takes it for a spin around the neighbourhood, but that doesn’t feel like enough. He decides to head to some old back country roads. As he nears 70 mph on the open road, he feels his youth coming back to him: He can’t possibly part with this car. When he returns to the house he slowly pulls into the driveway cherishing each moment in the car.

Oil Stains

He hits the garage door opener, as the door moves up, he sees a large oil stain on the garage floor. Shoot! The wife is not going to be happy about this one. Oil is one of the hardest things to scrub off any surface, especially when it has been dried on for who knows how long. He frantically tries to think of a plan to clean the oil off of the garage floor. Then it comes to him, he knows what to do. He contacts the power washing experts of Raleigh at Hydro Pressure Clean. He has heard that they can power wash nearly anything off of your driveway or garage floor. He schedules an appointment to have the garage floor power washed clean later in the week. The experts at Valeting Service Ltd can assure him that the oil stains will be sprayed clean from his concrete floor.

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