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Cleaning Dreams
May 11, 2018

Finding a company that provides multiple cleaning services has become a challenging thing for individuals from the United Kingdom. Besides, inviting different people from the various kinds of cleaning services available will bring a lot of strangers to a person’s home, which is not comfortable for most clients.

It is cheaper and more efficient to find a cleaning company that will carry out a general cleaning once a client invites them to their home.

Valeting services are one of the best solutions for this problem in the United Kingdom.   Providing certain cleaning services 24 hours a day throughout the week is another unique feature Valeting Service offers that makes it your only best choice for a cleaning company. Based in the United Kingdom, Valeting Service Limited currently provides valet services to people living in Buckinghamshire and the surrounding areas.

While most cleaning companies require you to bring the items that require cleaning with you to their physical location, Valeting Services provides hassle-free mobile services. By calling them at 014974 712233, you can talk to a call agent and detail the list of services that you are seeking so that they can dispatch a team that will provide the cleaning services that you require.

Before the team is dispatched, the company will also provide a quote for the total expenses you will have to pay.  Once a customer calls, they are required to provide the complete address of their location in order for the cleaning team to arrive quickly.

You can also visit the Valeting Services website at https://valeting-service.co.uk/  to view the various services that are provided by the organization. Their social media platforms are also active, so you can reach Valeting Services through the Facebook page for Valeting Service Ltd or their Twitter handle, @valetingservic1. Additionally, the Instagram page and the Google + platform of Valeting Service is available.

Valeting Service is always actively reaching out to a wide range of customers who need cleaning services. Our email, info@valeting-service.co.uk, is also an efficient way to contact us besides visiting us at 1 Sabina Cal, High Wycombe HP12 3HF. We provide a free consultation for our customers to encourage them to spread the good reputation of Valeting Service Ltd.

Flexible payments and excellent cleaning service

In addition to instant payments once the cleaning service is provided, we offer a 2, 3 or 4-month payment schedule that spreads out the cost of services, making them affordable as well as more available to numerous clients.

Our consistent valet service is one of the reasons clients depend on our company for their cleaning needs, and we are happy to offer convenient payment plans for all our customers.  Apart from saving you time and money with our 100% guarantee on all services, we also protect your investments at home and even at work. We deodorize and sanitize all areas that need cleaning. As a result, your work or leisure environment becomes fresh and clean too after we kill 99% of the germs.

Our servicemen and women are trustworthy, so there is no need to worry about property loss or the mishandling of any of the equipment in your car, office or home. Valeting Service Ltd takes pride in their good reputation and customer satisfaction.

Experienced team with specialized equipment

The valet team is not only experienced but also has the expertise and equipment necessary to clean even specialized vehicles and other equipment. We provide commercial, domestic, and industrial cleaning services. One of our unique services is exterior surface cleaning that ensures all outdoor services become sparkling clean.

Through complying with the required legal requirements in the workplace, our customers’ safety is always ensured during the cleaning process. To provide efficient service, our company has partnered with local and national organizations such as Ryder, Geodis, British Marine, CTV, CountryWide, Home Retail Group, Argos, Homebase and habitat. Our clients can, therefore, be confident that our services are up to standard.

Services provided by Valet Service Ltd include Decking Cleaning, Car Cleaning, Caravan Cleaning, Fence Cleaning, Stables Cleaning, Truck Cleaning and Graffiti Removal. So if you’re wondering who offers the best Mobile Home cleaning near me, Valeting Services Ltd is the answer.

Valeting-service.co.uk provides various cleaning services

  1. Provides Caravan and Motorhome

Valeting-service.co.uk is the go-to for caravan and motorhome cleaning near me. Cleaning a caravan is usually a difficult task, especially if one has driven on rough roads in the upcountry. Besides, most caravan and motorhome owners tend to wait a long time between cleanings. Therefore, they usually have accumulated dirt and therefore need special chemicals and equipment that may be expensive for you as a caravan owner to buy. Valeting Service Limited can clean your motorhome or caravan for you using the most up-to-date techniques to ensure that no damage is done during the cleaning process. When conducting our house calls when cleaning a motorhome or caravan, we come along with our own source of electricity and water to provide the best cleaning services possible. If you have a caravan or motorhome that needs some cleaning, you have many ways to contact Valeting Service Limited, so there’s no need to wait.

For motorhome or caravan cleaning near me, you can choose from platinum plus service, platinum service, golden plus service, gold service, or silver service exterior.

  • Platinum Plus Service

The caravan and motorhome cleaning include the platinum plus service, which involves cleaning of the interior and exterior cabin areas together with the back interior body.

Interior Cabin Area

When the interior cabin area is cleaned, the interior is thoroughly vacuumed and the dashboard areas are cleaned and polished.  In addition to cleaning and shampooing the carpet, floors, and mats, the windows are cleaned and then polished after they are cleaned. The ashtrays and air vents are polished too once a detailed cleaning is applied to them.  This plan also comprises cleaning of the seat covers and the floor mats which get dirty fast. A deodorizing air freshener is sprayed once the interior cleaning is complete and all the rubbish is removed.

Exterior Cabin Area

In this case, the caravan or motorhome’s body is washed and waxed. The body is polished with a weather-protective polish.  Besides ensuring that the front cabin area is clean, the tires are dressed and the alloys are cleaned while the bumper and trim color is restored. Cleaning of the wheel arch and door shuts is also carried out in detail. The undercarriage is also cleaned to protect it from being damaged by salt or grit. The top area of the motorhome or caravan is also cleaned and polished.

Back Interior Body

Besides a thorough cleaning, the back interior body is shampooed clean using antibacterial steam.

The cleaning team takes between eight to nine hours to complete the service.  It will take the cleaning team a maximum of three hours to arrive at the cleaning site.

  • Platinum Service

The platinum service plan comprises of thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior cabin area. The interior cabin area cleaning services are similar to those provided with the platinum plus service.  The exterior cleaning also includes the same services provided in the previous plan. The back interior body is not cleaned with this plan.  It takes staff from Valeting Service one to two hours to arrive to the site where the cleaning will be done at. They will arrive within two hours after you complete your request for cleaning services covered by this plan.

  • Golden Plus Service

A client who subscribes to this plan gets their interior cabin areas and exterior cleaned just like in the platinum plus plan.  However, the back interior body is fully cleaned in this case.  The valet team takes one to two hours to arrive on site. It takes them between four and five hours to complete cleaning.

  • Gold Service

Only the exterior and the back interior body are cleaned within four hours under this plan.

  • Silver Service Exterior

This plan takes the shortest time of between 150 to 180 minutes. Only the caravan or motorhome’s exterior is cleaned up.

  1. Horsebox cleaning near me

Valet services provided under the platinum plus service, platinum service, gold plus service, and gold plus plan are no different from those in the caravan and motorhome cleaning section. There is a gold service plan that includes cleaning of the interior and exterior cabin area.

  • Stables cleaning near me

If you are considering scheduling a horsebox cleaning with Valeting Services, you will find a stables wash up clean and restore plan that ensures the interior of the stables are thoroughly cleaned.  Our staff brushes through all areas to ensure the cleanup and washing is thorough.  The floors, sides, and railings are pressure washed throughout the cleaning period. Additionally, all buckets, rubber mats, and interior windows are cleaned. One may also request a hot pressure wash where anti-bacterial shampoo is used.  Dust and cobwebs are also removed once a customer agrees for it to be carried out. The rubbish is removed once our staff completes the cleaning process.   The time it takes to complete a stable wash-up depends on the size. For all the plans under stables cleaning near me and horsebox cleaning near me, our experts take two to three hours to arrive at the cleaning site.

  • Fence cleaning

Instead of searching for fence cleaning near me on the internet, just visit the website of Valeting Services Ltd to find their amazing cleaning plans. To ensure that your fence serves its purpose, regular cleaning is recommended, and Valeting Services Ltd offers the best in fence cleaning for rail, privacy, and semi-privacy fences. The fence not only looks more beautiful but also lasts for a longer time once our staff does the cleaning. They will get rid of the grease, dirt, mold and even moss that may stick on the fence.  Although the fence cleaning detergent is readily available, it is recommended that the service is provided by professionals like those at Valeting Services Ltd.

  1. Logo removal near me

Have you been searching for  Logo removal near me? Valeting Services Ltd should be at the top of your list. Logo removal is a tedious process that involves the use of complex machines and chemicals, so it’s a good idea to hire our experienced staff as we ensure that our clients get the best results. If you want to remove logos on trucks and cars, we offer a platinum standard package where the logo and wraps are removed. The platinum extra package plan ensures the exterior is cleaned and polished apart from signage and wrap removal. Through the platinum extra plus plan, a customer’s trucks get a detailed interior polish and the tires are dressed too.

  1. Boat cleaning near me

In addition to exterior cleaning service, Valeting Service Ltd provides a great interior boat cleaning service. If you are looking for expert boat cleaning near me, you can count on us to provide exceptional boat cleaning that will encourage you to use our services again and again.

  1. Car cleaning

Most people who own cars want them to remain clean so that they can look new for the longest period possible. Valeting Services Ltd is your best car cleaning near me option that polishes your car’s body and clears out stains in the interior.  Truck companies do not have to tire out their drivers with the task of cleaning their trucks since Valeting Services Ltd has become a reputable service provider for those looking for truck cleaning near me. Our company does not discriminate between bus companies or delivery companies with a fleet of trucks. In fact, we provide more competitive pricing for cleaning of fleets of trucks compared to other companies you might find when searching Truck Fleet cleaning near me.

  1. Carpet cleaning

As you look for the best carpet cleaning near me on your browser, always consider Valeting Services Ltd to not only keep your carpet clean but also maintain its visual appeal. We clean the different types of carpets such as loop pile, cut pile, and level loop pile according to the various cleaning methods that each kind of carpet requires.

  1. Roof cleaning

If you are wondering what the best roof cleaning near me option is, look no further than Valeting Services Ltd. They will remove all the algae, moss or lichen that may damage the tiles. Our servicemen and women have the right equipment and chemicals to ensure that your roof stands out on your home.

  1. Wall cleaning

Always hire Valeting Service Ltd to get the best walls cleaned near me service.  All walls inside your home, office or even factory will be super clean once you hire our valet team to carry out the job for you.

  1. Decking Cleaning

For you to get decking cleaning near me, visit Valeting Service Ltd at https://valeting-service.co.uk/. You can be confident that through the use of our pressure cleaning machine that your decking will be free from mold or moss within a few hours at a reliable and affordable cost.

Also, don’t go far if you are looking for driveway cleaning near me, patio cleaning near me, building cleaning near me, wet sandblasting near me or graffiti removal near me. At valeting-service.co.uk, we provide all these services using our expert cleaners and appropriate equipment.

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